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There is a huge difference between being a multinational corporation versus a global one, says Rory Cowan, founder and CEO of Lionbridge, a Boston-headquartered provider of translation services.

Translation companies across the industry have aimed to stay ahead of the two most dominant business trends: “The globalization of everything, and the digitization of everything,” Cowan says.

 A London translation company may have operations in dozens of countries, in which “the French deal with the French, the Indonesians deal with the Indonesians, the Japanese deal with the Japanese.” In other words, Cowan says, the “org design” here goes deep culture by culture. But its overall ability to share products, software and services more broadly is limited, due to language or cultural differences stemming from products that were likely developed with the multinational corporation’s home market in mind.

 A global translation service, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Rather than going the “inch-wide, mile-deep” route described above, a truly global translation agency goes in the opposite direction, Cowan says. “This idea of ‘inch-deep, mile-wide’ will take you to 25 different countries at once, whether it’s video, your product, your website, your marketing material,”.

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